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Dirty Dozen Blog Tour: Please Welcome Tempeste O'Riley

Today the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop makes its penultimate stop right here. I am honored to welcome Tempeste O'Riley to the site. No doubt many of you know Tempeste from her Desires Entwined series, book three of which, Temptations of Desire, was just released a few days ago. Belated Happy Release Day, Tempeste! Let's get to know a bit more about her. Bring on the questions!

Q: What inspires you most when you are writing?
A: Oh, that’s a hard one. So many things inspire me while writing. Everything from a song, conversations (both that I have and that I overhear), things I read, the news, and the pasts of myself and my friends. But when I’m stuck, it’s my Beta’s and the IM, PM, comments, and emails I get from readers that drive and inspire me to keep going.

Thank you all!

Q: What brought you to write m/m? What keeps you writing in this genre?​
A: I love reading m/m stories and started wondering about writing my own, though I never intended to submit them. Then once when I was chatting with a friend about the hurtful attitudes of people—specifically those that harass me about my mobility issues because I don’t “look” sick—the idea was made to write a character that had issues like mine, but where that character got their happily ever after.

As for what keeps me writing... that would be the characters themselves. I love to journey along with my characters as they overcome, learn to love and trust, and find their hearts.

Q: Of all the characters you've written, who is your favorite and why?​
A: That would be a toss up between James from Designs of Desire and Alex from Temptations of Desire. Both men carry much of me into their stories, but more importantly, both learn to not just love another, but to truly love themselves, accept themselves for who they are, and find they are perfect just as they are. It’s a lesson that’s hard to learn both in the stories and in real life.

Q: Many of us have pen names that we use and there are an infinite number of ways and reasons behind them, but I doubt many of them reflect the names we wish we’d been born with.  If you could micro-manage the ultimate do-over, what birth name do you want? What nickname?​
 A: Oh, now see, I legally changed my name so I got my do-over, lol (and nope, not telling ;) ) As for nickname? Alex is what I tried to use at one point (very convoluted story about where it came from, lol) but it was forbidden when I was a teen. My family didn’t approve both because it wasn’t my name and because it was a “boy” name. A gender neutral name would be perfect for me as I’m only female biologically, otherwise it depends on the day—gender is fluid after all.

Q: Name one unusual fact about yourself that you think your readers would be surprised to learn.​
A: I’m not all that unusual, lol. I’ve only been drunk once in my life, truly wasted, and would like to keep it at once only, :D

Q: What do you do that most injures the progress of your writing, and why do you do it?
A: Being disturbed while working is a killer but as I have kids in home (many kids, lol) I don’t so much ‘do it’ as don’t have time to write otherwise.

Q: If you had to trade writing for another creative pursuit, what would it be?
A: Art. I love art and at one point wanted to be and artist, with paint instead of with words. Sadly, that hope never worked out, but at least I get to paint with words still!

Q: In one sentence, write the beginning of a sex scene using some kind of food. Think of it as your hook.
A: Kade’s breath sped as he saw the need and hunger lying just under the surface of his lover and Dom.

Q: Name one of your favorite characters of all time that someone else wrote. Can be M/M or any genre.
A: Wally from the Range series by Andrew Grey. I love Andrew’s writing, but Wally specifically. He’s this bright, loving, sexy little man that will put you on your ass in a heart beat if you try to hurt him or those he loves.

Q: If you could be one of your characters, who would you be and why?
A: Oh, that’s a hard one. I love all my guys so much, and while some of the trauma they have in their past I know all too well, I would not want any of their pasts. If we go for their now only... I think I’d have to pick Alex from Temptations of Desire. Alex is a loving and creative soul that is at home whether dressed as a man, a woman, or a blending. I wish I were that comfortable within my own skin.

Q: How many versions of a book do you usually write before you arrive at ‘the one’, and how does your editor impact that?
 A: Um, not sure. I don’t write like a lot of authors. I edit as I write so there are no great revisions in my stories. Editors help me polish, but other than asking me to expand here or there, they don’t influence the story itself, just the fine tuning at the end.

Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it be?
A: Caution! Slow moving person ahead who will put you in a book if you’re not careful.

Temptations of Desire
by Tempeste O’Riley
Desires Entwined, #3
M/M Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 22, 2014 (ebook/print)
Length: Novel / 200 pages

Dreamspinner Press All Romance Amazon

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 Alexander James Noble is a gender fluid gay man who gave up on finding Mister Right a long time ago. He’s not asking for much, though. He just wants a guy who loves all of him and appreciates his feminine form too.

At the local LGBTQ center where Alex regularly volunteers, he meets Dal Sayer, an officer of the Milwaukee PD. Because he’s been rejected one too many times, Alex doesn’t trust the huge cop and the interest he shows in him, but once Dal sets his mind on something, he goes all out. Pushing aside his preconceived notions, Alex opens up just a little and soon caves.

From their first date—while dealing with his father’s failing health and his parents’ demands for him to settle down and have children—Dal never takes his eyes off his goal of making Alex his. But proving to Alex he isn’t like all the men who couldn’t see him for who he truly was and only wanted to hide him away is harder than he thought.

About the Author:
Tempeste O’Riley is an out and proud omnisexual / bi-woman whose best friend growing up had the courage to do what she couldn’t–defy the hate and come out. He has been her hero ever since.
Tempe is a hopeless romantic that loves strong relationships and happily-ever-afters. Though new to writing M/M, she has done many things in her life, though writing has always drawn her back–no matter what else life has thrown her way. She counts her friends, family, and Muse as her greatest blessings in life. She lives in Wisconsin with her children, reading, writing, and enjoying life.
Tempe is also a proud PAN member of Romance Writers of America®, Rainbow Romance Writers, and WisRWA. Learn more about Tempeste and her writing at

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