Monday, September 1, 2014

Dirty Dozen Blog Tour

Have you heard about us, the Dirty Dozen? No, we're not 12 crazy idiots running around with guns doing...well, whatever that movie was about. We are twelve writers who will be attending Gay Rom Lit 2014 in Chicago as Supporting Authors (and the crowd goes wild!). So, we've decided to band together and do a little bit of promotion, that way you'll all know who we are when the retreat starts.

We're going to kick things off today with yours truly guesting on the blog of the wonderful Max Vos. You'll find that post here. Then we'll meander around the interwebs before returning back here to CQB on September 28, when I'll be hosting the talented Tempeste O'Riley. There will be gifts and prizes to be had along the way, so make sure you follow along with every stop.

I'm excited and honored to get to play with these folks. Can't wait to meet them all in October!

For those of you wondering, here is the schedule of events:

Sept 01 ~ Max Vos hosts Carter Quinn
Sept 04 ~ Diana Copland hosts TM Smith
Sept 07 ~ JC Wallace hosts Max Vos
Sept 10 ~ Jeff Adams hosts Diana Copland
Sept 12 ~ LE Franks hosts JC Wallace
Sept 15 ~ Ethan Stone hosts Jeff Adams
Sept 18 ~ Wade Kelly hosts LE Franks
Sept 21 ~ Morticia Knight hosts Ethan Stone
Sept 23 ~ Tempeste O'Riley hosts Wade Kelly
Sept 25 ~ Rafe Haze hosts Morticia Knight
Sept 28 ~ Carter Quinn hosts Tempeste O’Riley
Sept 30 ~ TM Smith closes things out with Rafe Haze
(I am too lazy to track down links, so you're on your own there. That's why Al Gore invented the Google machine. Just kidding, jeez. No, seriously, you're on your own for the links.)

[Late Breaking News: Due to some unexpected complications stemming from my Dad's death on July 30, I will not be able to attend GRL this year after all. My apologies to the rest of the group and to my friends and readers.]

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