Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dirty Dozen GRL Blog Hop 2015

You may remember I took part in the Dirty Dozen blog hop last year, even though I wasn't able to make it to GRL. Well, this year we're doing it again--and I will definitely be there! The excitement starts tomorrow. See the full schedule after the cut.

12 authors answer 12 questions. Plus one of you will walk away with one book from each of us! That's right. One lucky commenter will win 12 books! We're all awesome enough you should be following along anyway, but that's another great incentive! :)

September 24th | A.E. VIA is hosting Wade Kelly
September 25th | Aisling Mancy is hosting Tempe O'Riley
September 28th | Alexa Land is hosting T.M. Smith
September 29th | Carter Quinn is hosting Nicole Dennis
September 30th | Jeff Adams is hosting Nic Starr
October 1st | LE Franks is hosting Morticia Knight
October 2nd | Morticia Knight is hosting LE Franks
October 5th | Nic Starr is hosting Jeff Adams
October 6th | Nicole Dennis is hosting Carter Quinn
October 7th | TM Smith is hosting Alexa Land
October 8th | Tempeste O'Riley is hosting Aisling Mancy
October 9th | Wade Kelly is hosting AE Via

Be ready to hop over to AE Via's blog tomorrow to check out the first post!

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