Saturday, August 6, 2016

Behind the Scenes: the Newsletter

I know newsletters aren't everyone's cup of tea. Usually because once you sign up for one, you start getting 7000 emails a day pushing something "all new! greatly improved!" at you. That's why I don't play those games either. I think I subscribe to four newsletters total. But here I am, asking you to subscribe to mine. It takes brass ones, right? LOL

Here's why I think you should subscribe. I'll make a list. I'm good at making lists. (Not so good at completing the items on them!)
1. There will be only 6 newsletters per year, so I won't be constantly bombarding you with information you couldn't care less about.

2. There will be games and contests in each one! :O

3. Subscribers will get sneak peek looks at my newest projects--long before they're published.

4. I will occasionally be providing subscribers with discount codes for new or existing books.

5. It's not all about me! As Stephen Amell would say, "Sinceriously!" As proof, I'll post one of the fun sections from the premiere newsletter, which came out a few days ago.

6. In the New Year, you'll get to tell me who you want to star in my first Christmas Story, due November 2017! I'll include a poll to make things simple.

7. I'm thinking about creating a story to serialize exclusively in the newsletter. Would you be interested in that?

Okay, if any of those seven reasons sounds like something you can't live without, please take a moment to sign up for the newsletter in the right-hand column.

Without further ado, here is a sample from my interview with Mark, a reviewer at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews.

1.      What brought you to this genre? When?
A: HAHA, long version or short version, Carter? To be honest it was something I sort of fell into. I had always read a lot of historical novels, crime or thrillers and had never given M/M Romance a second thought. Didn’t even know it existed as a genre. Until one day, browsing Amazon looking for my next read, one book caught my eye. Although skeptical at first, thinking that any romance has the potential to be trashy, let alone not knowing there were gay romances out there, hadn’t been interested in that genre to that point. But the Amazon cookie that suggests books you might be interested in based on what you had bought before had a hiccup I reckon and coughed up a book that shouldn’t even have been on my recommendations list technically, but it still caught my attention. Upon seeing it I thought before dismissing it out of hand then give it a go. Nothing to lose and if it lives up to my already prejudiced expectations of romances then at least I’ll only feel vindicated. My, how wrong I was! This book rocked my literary world forever. The rest, as they say, is history.

2.      What was the first book you ever reviewed? Have you read it recently? Would you rate it differently today?
A: Well, we’re obviously talking about that one book above that changed my literary landscape in a permanent way. That book is…………wait for it (drum roll)………….. Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton. Knowing the genre like I do now then my first book in this genre couldn’t have come from a better author. An author who even today still wows me with her stories, her writing style and gives me the warm fuzzies at the end of the book after putting her MCs through hell and back. I haven’t read it recently but I know that my rating would not change due to it because the story touched me so deeply it’ll stay with me forever as a milestone and turning point in my literary world.

3.      Headless bare torsos. Yes or no?
A: HAHA  - are you asking me whether I’m a cover whore or not? I’m afraid you’re not going to get a one word answer out of me on this one – lol! Well, I’ll be the first to admit that a well-designed cover and interesting title goes a long way in getting my or anyone else’s attention. It will get me then to take a look at the blurb which will clinch the issue whether I take a chance on the book or not. That said once I know and like the author then the cover is secondary. There are a number of authors I would read without noticing the cover. As for the bare, naked, headless torsos? Well, if you’re going to use a bare torso then put a head on it! But using hunky, half naked men for me personally isn’t necessary to attract my attention to a book.

4.      What do you look for in your next read?
A: Oooh, difficult question! I’m quite eclectic when it comes to sub-genres in the M/M world. I suppose I’m looking for something that not only carries a romance but also plot. I don’t like books that are just page after page of sex scenes. For that I can watch a porno and don’t necessarily have to read it – lol! For me the plot and its development is the most important whether it be a crime / thriller, historical or contemporary. Something that does not just revolve around the bedroom scenes. The romance for me is at best seen like a satellite around the main story that brings the MCs together, I get lots more out of a romance that is plot driven rather than one that just exists for the smut only.

Thanks, Mark!

If you wanna see more, you gotta subscribe! Thank you!

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