Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes 2: More Newsletter

Well it's that time again. Past that time, actually. I wanted to create a bi-monthly newsletter to keep you all up to date with what was happening in my world, plus to create some content just for you. I haven't been as successful as I wanted to in getting issues out on time. I'm considering the three 2016 newsletters to be sort of my trial-and-error phase. That said, the second issue went out to subscribers yesterday. If you haven't done so yet, please sign up.

Gay Rom Lit will be starting tomorrow. I'm incredibly sad I wasn't able to make it. Instead, on Friday, I'll be undergoing a full-sedation MRI. The hospital sent me links to "training" videos talking about Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate orders. Nothing like freaking me out unduly. Anyway, I wish you all a fantastic time in fair Kansas City.

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn, I've selected a few titles to put on sale at Smashwords. (CQB Newsletter subscribers got exclusive discounts!)
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Last time I gave you all a peek behind the scenes at what was in the premiere newsletter. Today I'm going to give you access to the whole thing. Click here to access it. If you like what you see, sign up in time to get the Xmas issue. If you have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to email me at carterquinnbooks @

When I announced I would be missing GRL this year, I said I'd give more details in the newsletter. I've decided to share that here too.
Those of you who have followed me closely know I don't usually talk about myself. Oh, I'll post about my acroBRATic dog or my Liberal Lefty politics. I'll trade funny lines with Marilyn or with one of my sisters or nieces, if they're online. But I don't talk about myself, not the deep down, true me.
The truth is, I'm not fabulous. I'm actually quite boring. I know. It's shocking. I have had rare moments of fabulousness. I mean, I've thrown shade--and even glitter--on occasion, but I'm mostly Ethan Green (only less than half as cute as Daniel Letterle). When I was 12 or 13, I read or saw something that convinced me that I'd be dead before age 43 ever raised its ugly head. At that time, 1985, all indications pointed toward HIV/AIDS. It scared the hell out of me enough that I'm still negative. Throughout my twenties, I was fairly convinced my death would be from suicide, actually (because It's My Party). Regardless, dead by 42 was a certainty I could live by.

Except here I am, a few weeks past my 44th birthday, battling an illness the doctors can't seem to figure out. See, all my tests show I'm medically "normal," which isn't at all helpful. The whole thing started out innocuously enough, with a bit of swelling in my legs. Then it became that I couldn't stay awake but I couldn't stay asleep. All day long I would nod off. All night long, I would pray for the relief of sleep, but it wouldn't come. It's been progressively worsening, with severe dizziness and falling being the latest symptoms. My best moment may be my forehead leaving a dent in the dog's wire cage. (That'll teach it to sit there looking all benign.) It's been frightening as hell lately, but I'm persevering. That's why I wasn't able to attend GRL this year and why there hasn't been a real release from me in ages. (The Vanished Trilogy doesn't count as new, IMHO.)

In the middle of all this, I took an at-home sleep study. That was the one test that didn't come out "normal." On this company's scale, 0-4.9 are normal. The graph ends at ">30." I scored a 59.20. I've always been an over-achiever. lol

The good news is, I have a new doctor who seems to love/hate a good mystery. He's been aggressively trying to solve the issue. I can feel things slowly starting to get better. So wish me luck, ask everyone you know to buy my books (so I can pay the rent while falling down!), and keep the faith. I'll be back soon. After all, you can't keep a good bitch down.  -- CQ
 And with that, I bid you adieu until next time.


  1. I've had this open in a tab for over a week to read and post a comment. Life, huh? I'm sorry you've been having such troubling and mysterious health issues. I hope your new doctor gets to the bottom of it and finds a solution. Until then, hugs, hugs and more hugs and hopefully we'll both make it to GRL in Denver and I can give a hug in person!

  2. Thanks for the hugs, sweets. It's been a weird winding road. It seems like we take one step forward and two back, but we'll get there. I'm determined. I can't wait to see you in Denver!